If your shoes seems new but you are tired about the color, or you just want to change the color; if your shoes are old and you want to change the tonality to make seems news, TRG SUPER COLOR gives you the chance to do it in a easy way!

Green, beige, blue, red …and more colors! TRG SUPER COLOR offers you a range of 40 different colors and tonalities to change the look of your shoes!

Dye is easy, but as everything, some indications are required to do it well:

  1. Clean the shoes with TRG CONDITIONER in order to remove the dirt and the rest of creams in the surface.
  2. Use a kind of tape to protect the areas which won’t be dyed. The inside part must be protected with paper to avoid staining on it.
  3. Keep the spray between 20 or 30 centimetres and apply the first coat of dye moving constantly to not concentrate an excess of product in each area. Important: this first coat must be as thin as possible.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Apply the second coat. Is better two thin coats than one thick. A thick coat can damage the shoe cracking it by daily shoe use.
  6. Let dry.


With all this, enjoy your new color!

TRG SUPER COLOR is in spray format. Product for leather and synthetic leather. Not suitable for suede or nubuck.

Change the color, even from black to white.

Available in 150 ml with 40 colors, or 400 ml with 5 colors.